Data as Evidence for Informed Policy

On 30th January 2023, IAPHP hosted a roundtable discussion centered on ‘How might we employ tools of Environmental Surveillance (ES) to address and amplify existing efforts to understand and mitigate AMR for public health in India?’. A significant theme that emerged in the discussion was data and evidence for AMR, including –

  • The need for a regulated, central database for ES & AMR Data that practitioners can plug into and contribute to instead of building further siloed datasets. 
  • Collecting AMR data alongside contextual data on environmental and socio-economic factors to support decision-makers to make equitable decisions in health care. 
  • Analysing AMR data from the national to local level to inform policy and make it actionable at the local level as well.  
  • Distinguishing sources of AMR between community effluents and pharma industries to address the sources of AMR at community levels.  

Watch the complete event.

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