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Surveillance of SARS-CoV-2 RNA in open-water sewage canals contaminated with untreated wastewater in resource-constrained regions

Sewage-based surveillance for COVID-19 has been described in multiple countries and multiple settings. However, nearly all are based on testing sewage treatment plant inflows and outflows using structured sewage networks and treatment systems.

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18 January 2022

Building health system resilience and pandemic preparedness using wastewater-based epidemiology from SARS-CoV-2 monitoring in Bengaluru, India

The article presents the findings of a sense-making tool that the platform developed for interpreting emerging signals from wastewater data to map disease progression and identify the inflection points in the epidemiological curve.

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24 February 2023


Environmental Surveillance for COVID-19 - The Playbook

Platform’s learnings and knowledge accrued through implementation, discussions and problem-solving from the Environmental Surveillance for COVID initiative in Bangalore have been collated and documented in a playbook.

This Playbook was launched in the One Year Anniversary event of Precision Health and will serve as a guiding document for other cities to undertake ES initiatives. Access the full playbook here!

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