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Who we are?

Precision Health Platform, envisages a comprehensive yet decentralized environmental surveillance system coupled with geospatial intelligence and intelligence gathering through community participation to enable development and utilization of a real-time, data driven decision support system in urban planning and public health management while keeping equity at the center.

The end result of this sophistication system is simple: establish an early warning system that communities and city governments can use to strengthen their response and improve the overall public  health ecosystem, thereby  creating lasting impact for the most marginalized communities living in these cities. The approach at its core believes that climate, health and social inequalities are highly interrelated and thus needs to be solved in an integrated, One Health fashion.

With the interest in environmental surveillance as a public health tool, ignited by the COVID pandemic, we’d like to use this momentum gained.

The change we want to bring

We are passionate about revolutionizing the public health surveillance systems in India and globally by tapping into the power of environmental surveillance - thus mainstreaming the environmental surveillance system as a public health tool.

National Level COVID Surveillance Dashboard

Unlocking the power of environmental surveillance to prepare for the next pandemic

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