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Who we are?

Precision Health Platform is a public health preparedness platform catering to marginalized through comprehensive yet decentralized disease surveillance systems and intelligence gathering through community participation to enable the development and utilization of a real-time, data-driven decision support system in urban planning and public health management while keeping equity at the center.

The result of this sophisticated system is simple: establish an early warning system that communities and city governments can use to strengthen their response and improve the overall public health ecosystem, thereby creating a lasting impact for the most marginalized communities in these cities. The approach, at its core, believes that climate, health, and social inequalities are highly interrelated and thus need to be solved in an integrated, One Health fashion.

Various health threats posed by climate change, including heat-related illnesses, vector-borne diseases, and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases due to extreme weather events, are better understood with Precision Health Platform’s geospatial intelligence in combination with community-driven health data. An evidence base for climate-related health solutions is being prioritized, and our risk communication and community engagement capabilities are being employed to effect change regarding climate-mediated health risks for vulnerable communities.

The change we want to bring

Increased number of Healthy Days for vulnerable communities through improved preparedness and responsiveness to climate risks.

We follow an approach rooted in impactful communication and the philosophy of transparent and uniform data usage.

We envision that the platform will increase the number of Healthy Days enjoyed by vulnerable individuals. As an early warning system, we will reduce the number of sick days faced by our communities, and allow vulnerable individuals to protect their lives and livelihoods.

National Level COVID Surveillance Dashboard

Our Solutions

Innovative tools to generate precision action towards climate and health

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