Turning Evidence into Action

Precision Health Platform is a collaborative initiative that marries robust scientific evidence and community voices and contributes to accurate evidence-backed communication that communities and policymakers understand.

The platform combines geospatial intelligence with community-driven health data and targets climate-mediated health risks among vulnerable communities- urban and rural underserved groups, including new mothers and the elderly. Founded on a community-driven, equity-focused approach, it establishes an evidence base for climate-related health solutions using our risk communication and community engagement abilities. The aim is to tackle the complex health challenges caused by climate change and envision a healthier and more resilient future.

Platform Solutions


Wastewater Surveillance

Wastewater-based surveillance, highlighted during the COVID pandemic, proves effective in tracking SARS-CoV-2 spread. Detecting the virus in feces before blood, and monitoring sewage offers early citywide infection alerts and viral load trends. Local governments utilize this data for strategic health measures, enhancing resource allocation. Wastewater-based epidemiology serves all toilet users, even in slums or high-rise apartments. It offers accurate insights compared to individual testing, aiding government decisions on containment, masks, and vaccines. It's viable in open drains in developing cities. The Precision Health Platform expanded wastewater surveillance beyond COVID-19 to address antimicrobial resistance and other pathogens, like Influenza (A and B), Hepatitis (A and E) and Mpox. The platform has conducted wastewater surveillance in five cities across India. The Platform's decentralized system and user-friendly dashboards provide real-time outbreak warnings, and public access to this data through social media and workshops enables local authorities to act swiftly.

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